he Leadership Enhancement and Mentoring Program (LEMP)

IWF's vision is realized through training and mentoring programs, and through global conferences.  Our focus has been to identify, develop, and encourage promising young women to prepare themselves to be future leaders in the Jordanian society. This was the impetus for starting the Leadership Enhancement and Mentoring Program, LEMP. To date, this program has successfully created career opportunities and networking platforms for more than 200 women in Jordan.

The Leadership Enhancement and Mentoring Program (LEMP) is based on the well established modules of the IWF Leadership Foundation Fellows Program. LEMP incorporates the same components of the Leadership Foundation subjects in addition to other subjects that address the specific needs of Jordanian women. LEMP identifies and helps rising women leaders develop important leadership traits and skills essential for their success in their careers of choice.

LEMP is comprised of two components. The first is a Skills Enhancement component, the second, is a Mentoring component. Each Leadership Enhancement and Mentoring Program is attended by 20-30 women in mid career.

The Skills Enhancement

component is designed to address nine important skills that leaders need in their careers with a focus on the challenges that face women during their career path. This part of the training continues for around 4 to 5 month to be followed by the Mentoring Program

The Mentoring

component starts six months after the end of the Skills Enhancement Component. The objective of this component is to address issues that the mentees have identified as areas of weakness and that they would like to strengthen.

Mentoring takes two forms:

  1. Group mentoring also known as Group Counseling – In this form, the group identifies a challenge and attempts to resolve it through discussions and brainstorming in an informal session or a series of sessions.
  2. Individual Mentoring – Whereby a participant identifies a personal challenge and works with an assigned mentor to resolve the issue.

LEMP Programs executed in Jordan:

  • LEMP 9: The Ministry of Education. (2017 - 2018)
  • Sponsors:
  • LEMP 8: Ministry of Municipalities, Ministry of Public Works & the Ministry
    of Irrigation & Water Resources. (2016 – 2017)
  • Sponsors:
  • LEMP 7: Young Women  Entrepreneurs. (2015)
  • Sponsors:
  • LEMP 6: The Ministry of Interior and The Ministry of Social Development. (2014-2015)
  • Sponsors:
  • LEMP 5: The Nursing Sector. (2013)
  • Sponsors:
  • LEMP 4: The Education Sector. (2010)
  • Sponsors:
  • LEMP 3: The Judicial Sector. (2009)
  • Sponsors:
  • LEMP 2: The Information, Communication & Technology Sector. (2008)
  • Sponsors:
  • LEMP 1:The Banking sector. (2005-2006)
  • Sponsors: